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we bring you for you all a new category called Hindi short Stories which is for all the story lovers who wants to read stories in hindi in very quick time with same emotions and intensity like they use to have in long stories.


we have considered this problem that long stories takes much more time to read and one can not always have time to read and finish all the stories at once ,So thats why we brought to you our new work of short stories so that it will benefit to all the readers who wants tk read stories but in less time.

positive kahaniyaa ( इंसान को निराशा से आशा की ओर ले जाने का काम करती हैं। कहानियाँ ( पढ़ने से इंसान के स्वभाव और विचारों में positivity आती है:-

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Significance of roza | roza ki ahmiyat |

इरफ़ान का पहला रोज़ा । बात है 10 साल के इरफ़ान की – एक बार इरफ़ान के अब्बू ने कहा रोज़ा रखना ख़ुदा को बहोत प्यारा है। सबसे ज्यादा सबाब मिलता है।उसकी अम्मी सलमा ने कहा किस किस को रोज़ा रखना चाहिए रेयान के अब्बू साहिद ने बताया कि जो भी समझदार है , ख़ुदा को मानता हो, ख़ुदा का….Read more

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Short love stories in hindi,sad emotional लव स्टोरी

we are very happy to announced that we have started our website’s new category which is short love stories in hindi In which we will try to provide you best love stories ,sad stories & many more. We will continuosly post Hindi stories which will be very short yet very deep and very meaningful so that it will not….Read more

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