Biryani quotes: top 50 funny chicken biryani quotes

Delicious biryani quotes for all the biryani lovers, who just cannot imagine their life without biryani and their life revolves around delicious and tasty biryani. This biryani quotes can be best with use as biryani captions with your amazing biryani photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Biryani captions
Know top 10 biryani’s in india

History and origin of biryani(short)

Biryani came to India from the Middle East by the time of the Mughal’s, specifically by the 10th century, with the advent of Muslim traders in Southeast Asia and Indian traders across the Middle East. This was a very delicious and different version of the dish (likely with the help of cloves) which the Mughal’s brought with them when they set off for the subcontinent.

In the time of the Maharajas, biryani came to be referred as Balochi Biryani. The word biryani probably came to India due to the influence of Persia in the Baloch region of Southern Afghanistan and Balochistan. It became popular with the Mughals and was introduced to Europe and the United States in the 20th century.

Best Biryani quotes

Friendship wali biryani

You are a biryani my friend,🍗
Don’t let anyone treat you like a chawal(rice)🍚

Biryani is nothing but,
just a state of happiness 🏳️

Chicken Biryani status

Biryani is not just a food🍖
It’s a love for many…..

Love biryani status

My first love is biryani
And my second love is another plate of biryani..😅

Delicious biryani

Dhoka to khaate rahoge 💔
Kabhi time nikal ke biryani khao 🍝

Chicken biryani quotes and captions

Burger 🍔 and pizza 🍕 are overrated
My love for biryani can never change..

Is lockdown me school college khule na khule
Bas biryani ki dukaan khulwa do Modiji..🙏

Tere liye me is jahan se lad jaunga
Tu bol to sahi tujhe duniya ki sabse achi
Biryani khila launga..❣️

Pyaar mohabbat sab dhoka hai❌
Biryani pe tut par abhi bhi mauka hai.

Biryani quotes in english

Tujhe roz dekhne ki iccha thi,
to tere ghar ke aage biryani ki dukaan khol li
Mujhe kya pata tha tu vegetarian niklegi😂😂😂

I have thousands reasons to be sad😭
But I have one reason to smile that is biryani

Biryani quotes for instagram

Add biryani🍗🍖
When your life needs flavours👅

Biryani love

Hey vegetarian’s 🍃
How dare you to call a pulao🍘
with a name ‘biryani’🍖

Biryani love sayings

When life gives you a chance
Be a chicken of the biryani rather being a Cloves.

Funny Biryani quotes

Hyderabad biryani quotes

Tu Hyderabadi biryani,
Mein lucknowi murga
Ek ki kami puri kare duja.

Tujhe chand taare to nahi dila paunga
Par tu aa to mere shehar tujhe biryani khilaunga.

Mein biryani bhul jao ye ho nahi sakta
Aur biryani mujhe bhul jaaye ye
me hone nahi dunga.

Chodo ye chand taaro ki baatein
Chalo tumhe garma garm
tundey biryani khilata hun.

Hyderabadi chicken quotes

Chicken curry is a dish,
But biryani is a emotion!!!

Funny biryani Quotes

I want to be a vegetarian
But biryani cannot live without me,

I literally want to thank the person
Who invented the dish – biryani..

You are leaving me But remember
Sitting in your favourite restaurant
You will gonna miss me , while eating
Our favourite biryani..❤️🍗❤️

Eating biryani in your favourite place
With same old friends is still a dream for many.

Chicken biryani quotes

I can eat biryani any time anywhere,
Just give me…

My dream – lots of money
No work
Favourite biryani

I want a husband ,
Who can cook awesome biryani ,

Jab biryani ka swaad ho
To fikr ki kya baat ho,
Sath koi ho ya na ho….

Zindagi me bas ek dost chahiye
Jo free ki biryani khilata rahe..

Kisi ko pyaar ka nasha hai
Kisi ko daru ka nasha hai
Hum to deewane hai biryani k
Hamari jaan usi me basha hai.

Usne kaha mere liye biryani chod sakti ho?
Meine kaha – ‘chor dia’
Ab me biryani ke sath khush hun….

What are you doing?
☀️Morning- eating biryani
Afternoon- eating biryani
Evening- eating biryani
That’s my life🍗

Biryani ki talab kuch aisi hai humhe
Ki biryani wale ke karibi me gine jaate hai hum.

Zindagi me khusi ho ya naa ho
Bas biryani me leg piece zaroor hona chahiye.

Biryani quotes
biryani Quotes in hindi

Mujhse koi kaam karana ho to
Bas biryani offer kar dena
Samjho kaam ho jayega…

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